Brand fair 2013 – Raising pension awareness

Brand fair 2013 – Raising pension awareness

Improving the image of pensions is a matter of great importance for our (Western) economies. If we do not succeed in activating citizens’ interest and participation in pension schemes, many will face severe consequences once they retire. This situation could lead to huge societal problems.

However, pensions have a big branding problem: people find information about pensions complex and boring and do not like to think about the topic because they associate it with unpleasant events such as health and disability problems.

Students taking SBE’s Brand Management course were asked to develop a communication solution for three target groups which are notoriously difficult to interest in the topic of pensions: young people, young professionals and women.

During a Brand Fair with speed dating rounds of five minutes, student teams presented their concepts to a jury. The jury consisted of representatives from the (pensions) industry (Sikko van Katwijk, Prof. Dr. Olaf Sleijpen Frits Bart, Wil Post, Harry Loozen, Arno Reekers), marketing experts (Hans Bours and Daphne Beek), academic experts (Prof. Dr. Andries de Grip Prof. Dr. Hans Kasper) and – last but not least – people from the target group such as Maartje Meessen, Promotor and educational assistant at Muziekgieterij and singer of the band “Lesoir”, young professionals and high school students.

The students’ solutions were impressive: flashy campaigns making use of social media, personalised web pages, apps, YouTube videos and online games. Students also demonstrated a clear strategic vision and did a very good job in applying theories and concepts from their tutorial sessions to their case study.

According to Olaf Sleijpen, Division Director at De Nederlandsche Bank and Professor of European Economic Policy at Maastricht University, many of the ideas reached a very professional level and could easily be implemented.

Other jury members were equally impressed. Linda Lichel, Service Consultant at the Service Science Factory said she was very inspired by the creativity of the ideas, and Harry Loozen complimented students on their enthusiasm. All teams performed very well and the closeness of the final grades confirms that it was very difficult for the jury to pick the winning teams.

Brand fair 2013 – Interview with Linda Lichel

In the end, the winning teams were:

Young professionals: Team 7:

Amra Sadikovic, Benoit Fortpied, Dennis Keerssemeekers, Grace Shorter, Mingu Kang

Women: Team 5:

Lukas Hengl, Julian Fehler, Melvin Johann, Marcella van der Kloet, Britta Wolff

High School kids: Team 3:

Liebe Griebenauw, Michael Ricchetti, Julia Ringlstetter, Pascal Uerlings

Brand fair 2013 – Interview with student Anna Griva

All the winners received a certificate handed over by SBE Dean, Prof. Dr. Philip Vergauwen, and two tickets for the Ajax Amsterdam football match on 7 December against Breda handed over by Mijke van den Broeke from AEGON.

By Lisa Brüggen
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing & SCM 


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