How to maximize innovation potential?

EU innovation

A new report written by UNU-MERIT senior researcher Dr. René Wintjes for the EU’s ‘Business Innovation Observatory’ looks at a range of new business, organizational and production models. These include successful new ways in which companies organize themselves, produce goods and services, and create new markets.

Based on 12 case studies, the report highlights common issues and major trends before giving a raft of policy recommendations. The idea behind this approach is that good policy can increase the socio-economic impact of innovations and scale up successes.

The case studies examine among other things how advanced manufacturing technologies are changing company production processes, for example via “smart” value chains or environmental friendly technologies. Other case studies address public-private partnerships, big data, workplace innovations, and online peer-to-peer business models.

Read the full report.

Source: UNU-MERIT, 17 January 2014

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